Leonie Perron is a private sector development professional, who has also acquired a valued expertise in project management and event planning. The specific sectors where she thrives the most include: business strategy, non-governmental organizations (NGO), information technologies and communication (ITC) as well as mining and food services industries. She has held many managing positions within the private sector in Canada and Africa with experience in leading multidisciplinary teams on site and remotely. Over the years, she has developed strong governmental and institutional relations, which led her to contribute to structuring public-private partnerships, manage high-level collaborations and influence policy.

Leonie Perron has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa and holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Saint-Paul University. She speaks French, English and Spanish and has a basic understanding of Portuguese. She has extensive experience in assisting and partnering with youth and particularly young adults through diverse mentorship programs. In 2016, she was appointed by the Quebec Minister of Education to sit on the Board of Directors of the Saint-Laurent College.


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