Simon Delorme-Chalifoux has a rich background, on several continents, in organizational strategy and operations management, having worked in some of the most tense geopolitical contexts and having managed highly delicate situations. After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, he worked for various NGOs in Palestine, Peru, Iraq, Nepal, Venezuela, Switzerland, South Sudan and Colombia. In recent years he was a manager of the International Committee of the Red Cross, including in Syria. Now based in Montreal, he advises a variety of private and public organizations, to which his unique toolbox and network render great services, always discreetly.

Simon Delorme-Chalifoux is an MBA from HEC Montreal and a lecturer at Laval University. He had previously completed his bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Montreal and his master’s degree in international studies at the University of Queensland, with stints at University College Maastricht and McGill University. He speaks French, English and Spanish.

Simon Lafrance
CEO and Senior Partner

Julie Pichon, MBA
Advisor – Business analysis and planning

Simon Delorme-Chalifoux, MBA
Advisor – Crisis Management and International Organizations

Philippe Brisson
COO / Data Intelligence Director / Partner

Me Claude Provencher, MBA
Senior Advisor – Governance and Executive Coaching

Martin Enault
Senior Advisor – Global Health and Operations

Christian Fillion, MBA
Senior Advisor – Manufacturing and Industrial

Me Taina Machado de Almeida Castro
Principal Advisor – Global Risk

Michael Drapeau
Principal Advisor – Image and Web

David-Alexandre Paquette, PMP, P2, ICF-ACC
Principal Advisor – Project Management and Professional Coaching

Annie Mutamba
Principal Advisor – Brussels / Public Relations

Julie Bouchard
Principal Advisor – London / Management

Fanny Magini
Principal Advisor – Barcelona / Research, Innovation and Public Sector

Harry Glodjinon
Principal Advisor – Paris and Western Africa / Investment

Lori Nelson
Principal Advisor – Boston

Evariste Nsavyimana
Principal Advisor – Eastern Africa

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