Julie Pichon specializes in strategic planning, marketing and business analysis (sales forecast, trends and best practices, feasibility studies, competitive benchmarking, customer segmentation, socioeconomic data, etc.). She has practiced in large companies and consulting firms, in Quebec and internationally. She has expertise in supporting organizations in both the private and public sectors. Recognized for her rigor and critical thinking, she works on a great variety of challenges, issues and opportunities related to business and merchandising strategies. Her multidisciplinary record and her solid experience allow her to offer concrete solutions in various fields, such as tourism, culture, leisure, innovation, municipal and regional dynamics, fashion, luxury, etc.

Julie Pichon pursued part of her studies in Beijing and Vancouver and obtained a Master’s Degree in Management from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Subsequently, she completed an MBA in Strategy and Innovation from Laval University in Quebec City. Her life in Canada, the United States, France, Belgium and China has led her to develop versatile skills and an understanding of complex and various ecosystems, which she makes available to the clients she serves via a high quality service.

Simon Lafrance
CEO and Senior Partner

Julie Pichon, MBA
Advisor – Business analysis and planning

Simon Delorme-Chalifoux, MBA
Advisor – Crisis Management and International Organizations

Philippe Brisson
COO / Data Intelligence Director / Partner

Me Claude Provencher, MBA
Senior Advisor – Governance and Executive Coaching

Martin Enault
Senior Advisor – Global Health and Operations

Christian Fillion, MBA
Senior Advisor – Manufacturing and Industrial

Me Taina Machado de Almeida Castro
Principal Advisor – Global Risk

Michael Drapeau
Principal Advisor – Image and Web

David-Alexandre Paquette, PMP, P2, ICF-ACC
Principal Advisor – Project Management and Professional Coaching

Annie Mutamba
Principal Advisor – Brussels / Public Relations

Julie Bouchard
Principal Advisor – London / Management

Fanny Magini
Principal Advisor – Barcelona / Research, Innovation and Public Sector

Harry Glodjinon
Principal Advisor – Paris and Western Africa / Investment

Lori Nelson
Principal Advisor – Boston

Evariste Nsavyimana
Principal Advisor – Eastern Africa

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