STRATEGEUM‘s team is evolving constantly in order to adapt and meet the needs of our clients. A couple of dozen Advisors are deployed, discreetly, at the service of leaders of all sectors, on five continents. Our analysts and operators are coordinated by our senior leadership, according to their expertise and the territory where they work. Our Montreal head office and our offshoots are completed by a unique network of high-level partner firms.

Simon Lafrance
CEO and Senior Partner

Philippe Brisson
COO / Data Intelligence Director / Partner

Hon. Christian Paradis
Senior Advisor – Canada and International

Me Claude Provencher
Senior Advisor – Governance and Executive Coaching

Martin Enault
Senior Advisor – Global Health and Operations

Michael Drapeau
Principal Advisor – Image and Web

David-Alexandre Paquette, PMP, P2, ICF-ACC
Principal Advisor – Project Management and Professional Coaching

Annie Mutamba
Principal Advisor – Brussels / Public Relations

Julie Bouchard
Principal Advisor – London / Management

Harry Glodjinon
Principal Advisor – Paris and Western Africa / Investment

Lori Nelson
Principal Advisor – Boston

Evariste Nsavyimana
Principal Advisor – Eastern Africa


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