Claude Provencher has, during his fruitful career, occupied leader, legal counsel and administrator positions in government, institutional, associative and charity sectors. An experienced federal senior officer, including at the Deputy Minister level, he has worked closely with the executive, legislative and judicial powers in Canada: General Counsel and Regional Director at the Department of Justice, Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs, Registrar of the Federal Court, Chief of Staff at the Revenue Agency, Immigration Regional Director, Senior Policy Advisor at the Privy Council Office. A seasoned lawyer, he was also CEO of the Quebec Bar and as such sat on the boards of the professional association’s Foundation and Services Corporation. In addition to staying active in the professionnal orders ecosystem, he acts as Protector of the student (Ombudsman) in the Quebec school system. He has acquired numerous experiences in international relations and regularly carries out missions, among others cooperation-driven in the Justice sector, specifically in Ukraine, Russia, China and Haiti. He now offers his renowned ethics, his wide influence networks, his perfect knowledge of the federal apparatus and his political and communications skills to STRATEGEUM’s clients who wish to improve their corporate governance, enhance their leaders’ performance, optimize their operations… or simply benefit from his web of relations and his bespoke support.

Claude Provencher is a Bachelor in Law from the University of Montreal and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1989. He has thereafter obtained a graduate diploma and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from HEC Montreal, with a specialization in strategy and change management. He is also an executive coach by training and a Certified Mediator in civil and commercial matters. An experienced administrator, he is currently a member of the boards of SUCO (of which he is Chairman) and Cystic Fibrosis Canada, in addition to having founded and running the Juritour. He previously lead Juripop, and sat on the boards of the Quebec Association of Cystic Fibrosis, Laval Island Street Workers, the Canadian Association of Court Administrators and the Canadian Institute of Justice Administration. He is a recipient of the Equity in employment and Diversity Award from the President of the Treasury Board of Canada and Fellow Administrator of the Government of Canada.

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